My most common kitchen mistakes

Most common kitchen mistakes

I was reading this very interesting article about the most common cooking mistakes and I realize that I may be accused of quite a few of them, mainly because I am either always in a hurry or trying to do ten things at once. Here are some of my most common kitchen mistakes:

  1. I almost never read a recipe entirely
    Because I am so impatient, I never read a recipe in its entirety and I have encountered a few where it would’ve served me well to read through and be prepared
  2. I make unwise substitutions in baking
    I am not a baker and because of that, I often replace ingredients with other ingredients that are not necessarily suitable. Needless to say it often doesn’t end well :)
  3. I overheat because I want it to go faster
    I often increase the temperature on my oven or on my stove top because I’m in a hurry and I want my ingredients to cook faster, which is not always a good idea since some things need to cook slowly
  4. I don’t measure precisely when baking
    Like I said, I am not a baker and measuring things precisely is often too tedious but it’s never a good idea to estimate when baking like when cooking

One thing I can never mess up are In Cuisin mash potatoes and risotto. They cook in 2 minutes in the microwave and are guaranteed to hit the spot whether you’re in a hurry or cooking a leisurely dinner.

What are some of your most common cooking mistakes dear readers?

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