In Cuisin mashed potatoes and cauliflower

In Cuisin frozen mashed potatoes

In Cuisin frozen mashed products { Photo: Vadim Daniel, Photographer, Montreal }

I would like to introduce our line of mashed products: 4 fabulous mashed potato flavours and one lower sodium high calcium mashed cauliflower one.

Our mashed potato flavours include: Cream & Butter, Garlic & Chives, Carrot & Peas and Garden Carrot. The cauliflower mash is a fabulous tasting one made with garden fresh cauliflowers.

Our mashed products are prepared just as you would prepare your mashed potatoes at home: the potatoes are cooked then mashed and mixed with cream, butter and various other ingredients and spices. They are then spread out on a sheet in a thin layer and frozen then cut into pellets and bagged. The mashes contain no preservatives, are made with 100% real potatoes, real cream, real butter and all-natural herbs and seasoning.

In Cuisin frozen mashed potatoes

In Cuisin mashed potatoes and cauliflower

Once you have them in your hands at home, all you have to do is portion out the pellets, microwave for 2 minutes, fluff and serve! You have a healthy side dish in minutes! We do all the hard work and you get all the glory for serving everyone’s favourite side dish!

So the only question that remains is: which flavour is your favourite?

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