In Cuisin frozen mashed potatoes

In Cuisin frozen mashed potatoes

In Cuisin frozen mashed potatoes { Photo: Vadim Daniel, Montreal Photographer }

Have you ever tried the In Cuisin frozen mashed potatoes? They come in 5 different flavours: Cream & Butter, Garlic & Chives, Carrot & Peas, Garden Carrot and Garden Cauliflower. I wanted to talk a bit about these mashes today and show you a picture of what they look like when frozen. They come in these fun little pellets that are portionable. Each resealable bag contains 4 to 5 portions. You can warm up as many little pellets as you’d like to fit your needs. Each portion takes about 2 minutes in the microwave and the frozen pellets turn into a bowl of warm, luscious and creamy mashed potataoes that taste exactly like home made because they basically are home made! They contain all natural ingredients and are made exactly the way you would make them, using 100% real butter, cream and no preservatives or artificial ingredients at all. So go ahead, keep a few flavours in your freezer and make some for your family. I guarantee that they will love them!

Photos: Vadim Daniel, www.vadimdaniel.com

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  1. rosa

    29. May, 2011

    Thank you, best thing to eat ever, easy and so much flavour….thank you kindly for saving me time and money:)

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