In Cuisin frozen mashed potatoes vs grandma’s

In Cuisin frozen mashed potatoes vs grandma's { Photo: Vadim Daniel, Photographer, Montreal }

I am willing to bet that you would not be able to tell the difference between In Cuisin’s frozen mashed potatoes and your mother’s or grandmother’s. If put through a blind test, are you willing to bet on your grandma’s mashed potatoes? Would you be willing to face the fact (and your grandmother!) when the truth comes out? Although frozen, our mashed potatoes are made with 100% real butter and real cream and all-natural seasonings and herbs so they are basically prepared the same way you (or your grandmother) would if you were to make some at home. The only difference is that the In Cuisin mashed potatoes take 2 minutes to prepare. So even though your grandmother might have spend all day making you her world-famous mashed potatoes for Sunday night dinner, I personally would not be willing to do a blind tasting. I would be too worried about the guessing! Better be safe than sorry, I always say…

If you do try this blind tasting, don’t hesitate to share the results with us in the comments below!

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