My 10 favourite kitchen tools

favourite kitchen utensils

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We all have them, those utensils that we’ve bought because some commercial or salesperson convinced us that we absolutely needed them. You know the ones I’m talking about, those that are at the bottom of a drawer never to be used again after the first or second time. Then there are those that never find their way to the bottom of the drawer, some don’t even find their way to the drawer, period since they are always on the counter. Those are the ones we use the most. I have a few of those that are particular favourites. I use them almost everyday and could not spend a day in the kitchen without them.

  1. A microplane
    I love this utensil, whether it’s to zest citrus fruit or grate ginger, garlic, chocolate or cheese, I don’t know how I lived without it before it was invented!
  2. A spatula
    This tool is perfect to scrape up every last bit of my favourite dip or that bowl of In Cuisin mash potatoes
  3. A chef’s knife
    How can any cook live without a good chef’s knife?
  4. A whisk
    A whisk is perfect to mix sauces, beat egg whites or make your cake batter smooth
  5. Tongs
    I use my tongs for everything, from flipping a great steak on the barbecue to tossing a salad, they are a great extension to your own hands!
  6. Mortar and pestle
    When you need your garlic to be fine, there’s nothing like a mortar and pestle. It’s also a great way to grind your fresh spices
  7. Wooden spoon
    They are great to stir your ingredients without scraping the bottom of your non-stick pans
  8. Cutting boards
    I use several dedicated cutting boards, some for meat, some for fish and some for my veggies
  9. A citrus reamer
    This little tool is the best way to get as much juice from your citrus fruit as possible
  10. My hands!
    Your hands are your best tool in the kitchen!

What are your favourite kitchen tools?


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