In Cuisin cheese & spinach risotto

In Cuisin cheese & spinach risotto

In Cuisin cheese & spinach risotto

Today I’d like to talk to you about our 4th and last risotto flavour: the cheese & spinach risotto. I’ve already talked about the many advantages of our 3 flavours: the tomato & basil, asparagus & pea and mushrooms.

I like serving this spinach risotto with fish or chicken. This mild tasting risotto will not be overpowered by the mild flavours of the fish or chicken. It’s also made from all natural ingredients, contains no preservatives or artificial colourings, is low in fat and free of trans fats. So you really can’t go wrong!! Serve it plain as a main meal or a side dish or try making this cedar-plank grilled salmon or make kid-friendly arancini with it. It’s like having the authentic taste of Italy on your table in 2 minutes!*

*It can also be prepared on the stove top.

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  1. Mayssam

    23. Apr, 2013

    It looks very good!

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