In Cuisin pomodoro risotto

In Cuisin tomato & basil risotto

In Cuisin tomato & basil risotto

When we asked the question on our facebook page about your favourite vegetable, tomatoes won hands down. Even though technically, tomatoes are a fruit, we still think they are one of our favourites as well. That’s why we just had to include a tomato risotto among our 4 flavours of risotto! The In Cuisin tomato & basil risotto tastes authentically Italian and is made with real arborio rice. It can be ready in 2 minutes in your microwave* and is a great source of iron and calcium. It goes great with all of your favourite proteins, whether it’s chicken, beef or fish and contains chunks of real tomatoes in it, just as if it was made by your nonna!

*It can also be prepared on the stove top.

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