Simple and easy Thanksgiving dinner

easy thanksgiving turkey

Cheria's naked turkey { Photo: Julia C. Vona, Photographer, Montreal }

Thanksgiving dinner is one of the most important meals of the year in my family. I like to cook it myself and since I really don’t want to be spending all day in the kitchen, I have a super easy turkey recipe. Make some green vegetables to accompany it and a great big bowl of 2-minute In Cuisin mash potatoes and dinner is served! Don’t forget the pumpkin pie, an absolutely essential part of this holiday dinner!

Instead of slaving in the kitchen all day, put my naked turkey in the oven and go join the rest of the family, watch the game or take a walk outside, because that’s what Thanksgiving is all about! When you get back, the turkey will be ready and the mash potatoes will only take minutes to prepare.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

PS: If you have some leftover turkey the next day, make these easy and delicious turkey pot pies.

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