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Paperplanes.ca is a great online magazine which I am a fan of so I am happy to have Myriam, one of the co-founders as a collaborator on the blog today!

Myriam is the co-founder and editor of the lifestyle blog-zine Paperplanes.ca based in Montreal. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


It occurs, at times when excited by trying a new recipe, that I pour my energy on that one single recipe and often neglect the side dish. And when that happens, the last seven minutes before dinner are spent rushing to the fridge, standing before it for half that time with a quizzical brow, wondering “what to do?”, only to settle by pulling a bag of bland frozen veggies (yes, I still buy those), that I sauté. The end result is always insulting to my recipe for having such a poor quality sidekick. Fortunately, I can kiss those bland veggies goodbye for when that situation occurs again, I now have a great alternative at hand!

I recently received an invitation to try out In Cuisin products by In Foods Inc, which cook in about 2 minutes, depending on your microwave. Beats my 7 minutes!

The first one I tried was the Garlic & Chive Mashed Potatoes, which accompanied a BBQ chicken. To my greatest pleasure, it was a harmonious mix. The taste of the sauteed chive and garlic and the soft and fluffy texture only added flavour and fun to our plates. It has now become a staple in my freezer, as many others such as the Cauliflower Mash and the Mushroom Risotto.

I love how little time it takes from bag to plate. Whether it’s because you neglect side dishes, don’t have much time to cook, or really just because you want something good to eat, I’m happy to have discovered these products. They are and will always be welcomed InMyKitchen!


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