Spot, shoot & win!

Spot, shoot & win contest!

Spot, shoot & win!

Hello all!

We’re introducing a new contest here today and one that will be here on our blog as well as on our facebook and twitter pages for the next few weeks. We are very excited about this one so without further ado, here’s how it goes:

  1. Spot any of our products anywhere at all: it could be at a friend’s party, at the supermarket, on the street while someone’s snacking on our crisps, on your own dinner plate as part of a healthy nutritious dinner for your family, on the bus, at the school yard, anywhere, really!
  2. Take a picture of it: this is where the “shoot” part of the contest comes in, take a picture of the product with your cell phone or camera.
  3. Upload the picture to our facebook page with a caption saying: “I am participating in the spot, shoot & win contest!”
  4. Run the chance to win bags of whatever product you shoot every week and to be in our grand prize draw!


At the end of every week, we will compile all participants’ names and randomly draw one name. The weekly winner will win 3 bags of whatever product’s picture you send us, so if you send us a picture of some In Snax pita crisps then you get some crisps. Same goes for our In Cuisin mashed products. At the end of the contest (in about 8 weeks), we will draw one grand prize winner from each category and the winner will get a case of In Snax or In Cuisin products. Just think about it, a whole case of In Snax crisps (12 bags) or In Cuisin mashes (8 bags) all to yourself! So what are you waiting for? Start snapping! Oh and by the way, every prize, whether small or big, always includes a little extra surprise or 2 because that’s just the way we do things around here :)

Note: This contest is open for Canadian residents only

Good luck all!

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2 Responses to “Spot, shoot & win!”

  1. Murray Stark

    17. Sep, 2010

    This is a really good way to get people moving on INSNAX. They look good, but where can I find them???

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    • Mayssam

      17. Sep, 2010

      You can find them in all grocery stores throughout Canada, Loblaws, Maxi, Provigo, Metro, Sobey’s, Food Basics, Price Chopper, Longo’s, Super C, etc. Let me know where you live so I can tell you where to find them in your area!

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