About Us

In Foods is a Canadian company operating out of Montreal, Quebec. A company is all about the people behind it and our whole team is proud to say: we love food!

We’ve grown up in what we like to call “the grocery life”. Whether being pushed around in a grocery cart, weekend trips to the farmer’s market or watching our fathers build companies & brands that involve food and drink, our lives have revolved around nourishing the body & soul.

Food is our passion and the purpose of In Foods is to share that with you. When it comes to food, taste & quality are of the utmost importance and food tastes its best when it’s made with superior, all natural ingredients. In Foods snacks & sides are consistently prepared from only the best ingredients.

Convenience is also a corner stone at In Foods. We strive to make your busy schedules lighter with a growing line of scrumptious & nutritious, quick to prepare, snacks & sides so you can take pleasure in all the other joys life has to offer.

We are constantly thinking about new tastes we can introduce that are easy, healthy and delicious. We hope you enjoy indulging in our products as much as we do…