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Don’t you find it strange that sometimes you can’t even understand half of a product ingredient list? It’s because companies have now found ways to keep products longer, change their taste, their color and their texture. But what are the real impacts of those additions on your health?

Every week some study finds links between some of these agents and health concerns. There’s now a list of all the additives that can be bad for your health including: Polyvinylpyrrolidone E1201 Diphényle E230, L’aspartame E951, Cyclamique Acid E952, Sucralose E955, Saccharine E954, Aspartame salt E962, Xylitol E967… The list is infinite.

Do you really have the time to analyze the ingredient list of each item that you buy instead of choosing a product that respects food by not adding chemical substances?

In Cuisin - Cream and Butter Mashed Potatoes - Food Blog Montreal

The In Cuisin mashed potatoes are made from superior potatoes, 100% pure butter and cream and contain no artificial ingredients. It uses one of the most ancient and effective conservation technique: the deep freezing.

Eating natural has never tasted so good!






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