How to clean your barbecue

how to clean your barbecue

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We unfortunately have to come to terms that the end of summer is approaching fast. Although I do keep using my barbecue until there’s snow on the ground, it is very important to give it a thorough cleaning up before you put it away for the winter.

Here’s a quick list of what you need to do before winter comes:

  1. Clean the grates
    In theory, you are supposed to take out and clean your grates after every use, but if you are a lazy cook like me, you probably do it every once in a while only. Take the time to thoroughly clean your grates before winter, for that you will need a metal wire brush. Brush your grates while they are still warm for easier removal of food particles. Inspect your grate for signs of rust and if there aren’t any, wipe it down with an oiled paper towel.
  2. Crank up the heat
    Place some aluminum foil paper inside your grill, on top of your grate, close the hood and crank up the heat for about half an hour. This will melt and turn all bits of food into ashes which will then be easy to clean out with a brush. Make sure you check your bbq’s manual before doing this since some manufacturers prohibit it.
  3. Charcoal grills
    Empty all the charcoal from your grill and brush it clean. Don’t forget to clean your grate as stated in the first point above
  4. Gas grills
    Turn off the gas and verify all your valves for any gas leaks. Lift the grate and clean it (see above note). Check your burners for food particles which will clog the flow of gas and give you uneven heat. Clean them if you can and replace the burners if they’re damaged beyond repair. Put everything back together.
  5. Cover and protect
    Cover your grill with a big garbage bag or a grill cover and say goodbye to it for the remainder of winter!

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