Preserving summer goodness: canning tomatoes

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Canning tomatoes {Photo © soulsbyfarm.wordpress.com}

Summer ripe and sweet tomatoes are one of my favourite things to eat. Winter mushy tasteless tomatoes are some of the worse things ever! I never tire of a simple summer tomato salad with a bit of fleur de sel and olive oil. Pasta with a fresh tomato sauce is also easy and so tasty. However, when the winter months come, it’s so hard to find a good tomato on the market. That’s why canning those summer tomatoes is my favourite way of preserving some of that summer goodness.

It’s very easy to can tomatoes once you learn how to do it. They will last you through the harsh winter month and will be like a ray of sunshine on your plate, whether you’re making pasta sauces or stews. This post illustrates the step by step instructions very clearly. I hope you do make some because along with roasting peppers and pickling, it is really a great way to invite summer produce into your kitchen in the middle of our long Canadian winter.

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