Healthy breakfast smoothie

breakfast smoothie

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I like to start my day with a healthy breakfast. I sometimes have toast or In Snax cinnamon crisps with all-natural peanut butter or some cheese. One of my favourite breakfasts is Greek yogurt and a crunchy topping made with In Snax cinnamon crisps. In the summer when it’s hot though, I really like having a smoothie that’s refreshing, nourishing and delicious! There are a million ways you can make a smoothie: with or without yogurt or milk, with ice, with cold water, with fresh or frozen fruit, you can add flax seeds, honey, sugar, granola,herbs, spices, juice and even tofu!

I try to keep my smoothies really simple, just fruit, ice and sometimes honey. I use frozen fruit when I don’t have any fresh ones. I always include a banana to make it richer and denser and also sweeter. Some of my favourite flavours include berries, peaches and bananas or cantaloupe, strawberries, banana and a little orange juice. You can also add spinach to your smoothie to boost the iron level. Have fun with it and try different flavours and you’ll be looking forward to your breakfast every morning.

How do you like to start your day?

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