Health benefits of potatoes

Different varieties of potatoes

Different varieties of potatoes

Did you know that one medium potato provides you with almost half (45%) your daily needs in Vitamin C? It also contains more potassium than a banana and 10% of your daily  Vitamin B6 needs. A potato also contains as much fiber as many cereals and whole grains. These complex carbohydrates help regulate your blood glucose. They also make you feel fuller longer which can in turn make you lose weight. Potatoes contain an assortment of antioxidants and rank in 5th place among all fruits and vegetables, ahead of broccoli, tomatoes and cabbage. It is a myth that a potato’s nutrients are all contained in the skin. Although the fiber content is certainly contained in the skin, the potato’s nutrient are distributed throughout its flesh. So if you don’t like the skin, skip it and you will only be skipping out on the fiber part but gaining all those other vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

And now for the really fun part, a medium potato is only 110 calories and contains no fat, none, zero. So you see, you can go ahead and indulge without feeling any guilt at all…

Sources: Wikipedia and healthypotato.com

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