What’s in your fridge?

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I have already written a post about my essential spices and my essential pantry items. Today, I’d like to talk to you about my essential fridge items. I try to go grocery shopping only once a week. I then come up with recipes with whatever is in my pantry and fridge. If your house is like my house, you will also have unexpected guests and family members dropping by unannounced so I am also always ready for those eventualities.

Here’s a list of essential items I always have in my fridge and freezer:

  1. Milk and cream
    Ideal to make soups, creamy sauces and desserts!
  2. Cheeses
    I always have some feta cheese on hand of course, like any other Greek household, but I also always have different cheeses like cheddar, parmesan and goat cheese. They are perfect to put in salads, soups and pasta of course!
  3. Fresh fruit
    Perfect to make dessert in minutes! Chocolate fondue anyone?
  4. Fresh vegetables
    To roast, eat raw or cooked in a salad or soup or just to snack on
  5. Condiments
    Mustard, mayonnaise, Worchestire sauce, chili sauce, etc. These are all essential for many
  6. Cold cuts
    Use your cold cuts as is or create something new with them, like this ham and cauliflower crustless quiche!
  7. Frozen fish and seafood
    Perfect for when you don’t have time to run to the fish monger! I love making these roasted garlic shrimp for a quick dinner.
  8. In Cuisin mash potatoes in different flavours
    My life saver when I need a 2-minute side dish!
  9. Frozen peas
    I love peas but when I can’t have fresh ones, I always have some frozen ones in my freezer
  10. Ice cream
    A great crowd pleaser on any occasion!

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