5 rules to snacking better

rules to better snacking

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Here are 5 basic and easy to follow snacking “rules” to follow if you don’t want to veer off your healthy diet now that losing a few of those winter pounds is on all our minds.

  1. An ounce of prevention…
    We all get hungry mid-morning and around 3 or 4 o’clock in the afternoon. By planning your snacks, you can prevent becoming ravenous thus preventing yourself from grabbing the first vending machine food item you encounter to satisfy your hunger.
  2. Eat frequently
    Keep your metabolism at its optimum and your blood sugar at its best by eating small snacks throughout the day. This will also prevent you from devouring a huge lunch or dinner.
  3. Smart snacking on the go
    Always remember to pack a snack if you’re going on a long car ride or a hike. This will keep your energy high and will keep you going on the road.
  4. Indulge your sweet tooth!
    Don’t be afraid to indulge your sweet tooth every now and then. There are sweet snacks out there that are not as bad as you think!
  5. Know your snacks
    Get to know your snacks and what foods are good for you.

A successful snacking combination that’s going to satisfy your hunger and hold you until the next meal is one that involves some carbs and some protein. Here are some of my favourite combinations, but be careful with portion sizes and only snack on a few of these, not a bagfull!

  • Multigrain In Snax pita crisps with low fat cheese and some jam, if desired
  • Multigrain In Snax pita crisps with hummus or eggplant spread
  • Multigrain In Snax pita crisps with a hard-boiled egg
  • Sea salt In Snax pita crisps with peanut butter and apple or pear slices
  • Sea salt In Snax pita crisps with a piece of dark chocolate
  • Cinnamon In Snax pita crisps with almond butter and banana
  • Cinnamon In Snax pita crisps crumbled on top of low fat yogurt (with optional maple syrup or honey)
  • Cinnamon In Snax pita crisps crumbled on top of a fresh fruit salad for an added crunch and sweetness

So dear reader, what’s your favourite snack?

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